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Welcome to ITSMARC by TLC, a leader in metadata since 1974

What is ITSMARC?

ITSMARC is TLC's online copy cataloging resource providing access to 77 million records. It delivers bibliographic and authority records in MARC format.

Downloading ITSMARC Bibliographic Data

ITSMARC contains metadata only, not application software. To download the records, you need a web browser or a Z39.50 client. For Z39.50, you could use a cataloging program like BiblioFile, Library•Solution Cataloging, Carl•X Cataloging or a third party Z39.50 client like BookWhere or MarcEdit. To view more than the summary information, you also need login credentials. For more information, contact TLC's Inside Sales team. ">ITSMARC is available on a 30-day free trial.

Downloading via Z39.50: When your library orders ITSMARC or sets up trial account, you are automatically entitled to TLC's BiblioFile cataloging software package. If you have Library•Solution, you already have a Z39.50 utility in Library•Solution Cataloging. TLC Support can assist you with configuring the utility when you are registered. BiblioFile replaces TLC's earlier cataloging products ITS for Windows and the old DOS-based BiblioFile Cataloging. You can register here to acquire a copy of BiblioFile.

Downloading via web browser: Downloading via the web is typically a two-step process: download records and save to an output file, then upload or import into your local system. For most users, Z39.50 is more convenient because it allows you to search your local database before searching ITSMARC or other public sources. When used with a cataloging application like BiblioFile, Z39.50 also allows you to perform a "cascaded" search according to your own hierarchy of trusted sources and then edit the records in one application.

Searching via the web browser does have a few advantages over most cataloging applications except BiblioFile*:

  • Boolean (combination) search option
  • Begins-with searching for text terms (title, author, subject)
  • Ability to search notes
  • Display of cover art and other content

* BiblioFile supports Boolean, begins-with, notes, and numerous additional search types for both bibliographic and authority records. It also displays cover art, although not other forms of content viewable on the web.

Downloading ITSMARC Authority Data

ITSMARC authority records can only be downloaded via Z39.50, not from a web browser.

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