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New ITSMARC data set - MetaMARC (08/10/2021)

    The Library Corporation is making available its newest data set -- MetaMARC -- to library Bibliofile ITSMARC customers.

    MetaMARC is a MARC record data set composed of records generated and enriched algorithmically from non-MARC metadata. The intent of this data collection is to provide catalogers with a basic MARC record when there is no other available title record. MetaMARC records are more than a template but are minimal level encoding, not a full level MARC record. The MetaMARC record set is intended to give catalogers a head start when adding newer materials and a full level MARC record cannot be found. In MetaMARC, catalogers have access to recently published titles as well as a large selection of large print, audiobook, videogame, DVD, and Blu-ray titles.

    To use MetaMARC in BiblioFile, a new Z39.50 search profile must be configured. A video and an instructional document are available to assist with the search profile configuration.

    Commercial vendors utilizing BiblioFile do not qualify for the use of the MetaMARC data set.

New BiblioFile version (06/29/2021)

    Version of BiblioFile has been released (06/29/2021).

Complete the registration form to request a copy of BiblioFile. If you do not receive a follow-up phone call to your request, please contact your Inside Sales representative at 800-325-7759 or 304-229-0100. Asian customers contact our Singapore office at 65-6236-1450.